NMC – Comfort and protection for a better life

Twenty years after the death of its founder, NMC celebrates Gert Noël, who passed away on November 10, 1998. In his memory and in respect of his entrepreneurial achievement, the company begins a new period in its 68-year long history with increased ambitions. These are reflected in modernized corporate communication, including a new corporate website, a new slogan, updated corporate values and guidelines for cooperation & sustainability as well as a new company logo:



Creating the company in 1950, Gert Noël’s vision was to simplify the daily life of housewives in the post-war period by providing them modern and innovative products. A household sponge made out of polyurethane was the first product offered. Today, NMC has grown to a leading and growth oriented international company specialized in synthetic foams. In the spirit of its founder, NMC is formulating the company’s future goal with a new, strong slogan: “NMC offers people comfort and protection for a better life”.

Including the 2017 partnership with Selit, Europe’s leader in underlays for floating floors, 1650 employees are working in 25 locations and serving more than 10.000 customers in 120 countries. With a slogan full of ambitions and the new logo, NMC wants to clarify its purpose inside and outside the company and encourage all to collaborate in making this world a better place.

“Our inspiring purpose, strong values and the heritage of our family are the foundation of the company’s ambitions for the future”, underlines President Yves Noël. “While our products all contribute to comfort & protection for a better life, we also provide services, technology and advice to simplify the life of our customers and business partners in day-to-day interactions. Offering an attractive workplace and protecting the planet by reducing waste and energy consumption as well as by promoting the use of renewable or recycled raw materials are also integral part of our sustainability efforts. Therefore, our purpose goes well beyond direct benefits our products offer”, adds Hubert Bosten, CEO.


Modern and timeless new logo

The company’s new logo reflects business continuity in line with the previous logo: the use of orange and lower case letters make it authentic and credible. At the same time, it unites the previously individually locked letters in a single rectangle with round edges and thereby confirms a common purpose as well as the vision of interaction and collaboration to achieve it. In an ever faster changing, complex and uncertain world, the re-design reduces complexity and gives a sense of security. The new typography embodies harmony through the round, arched character. Overall, the new logo looks compact and balanced, it’s simple and modern, yet timeless.

“With free space in the upper part, the new visual identity reflects our drive for innovation and our openness to partnerships. It respects tradition but also creates momentum to become even better in the future in providing people with comfort and protection for a better life,” confirms Hubert Bosten. “Over the next months, we will start with the rebranding of our operations in 16 countries, including product packaging and brochures”.


 New website: www.nmc.eu

The website nmc.eu got already updated and modernized. It includes more information on the company’s history, its strategy and geographical presence as well as its values and guidelines for cooperation and sustainability. Finally, it informs about career opportunities and links to individual business segments that all individually contribute to a better life.

“With a strong slogan, a modern logo and a new website, the company is embarking on a next chapter of its history, ensuring we will succeed together based on a common purpose, intensified cooperation, innovation and partnerships”, Hubert Bosten concludes.

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