Values for a valuable life

Our values are the compass we trust and follow

We pursue our vision to provide people with comfort and protection by sharing and promoting values that we consider important in our private and professional life.

The following values are the foundation and the framework of our guidelines for quality assurance, cooperation and sustainability.

To learn more about how we see these in our company, download the NMC values & guidelines.

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    We meet expectations in harmony.

    We place people in the centre of our actions and meet expectations of customers, shareholders and collaborators.

  • Determination

    We act in a focussed and efficient way.

    We stay focussed on our goals and achieve together results that allow us and our partners to invest for the future.

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    We pro-actively shape change.

    We challenge the Status Quo, working every day on improving and renewing, and aim to contribute to a better quality of life.

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    Team spirit

    We work in teams for a common success.

    We believe that we can achieve more together than the result of individual efforts.

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    We challenge and encourage each other.

    Our purpose inspires and motivates us to face challenges together and with commitment and to make a contribution every day.

  • Transparency

    We communicate openly and honestly.

    Successful partnerships rely on mutual understanding and trust. That is why we listen to understand and communicate responsibly.

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    We deserve to be trusted.

    We act self-determined and with integrity, are absolutely reliable and respect agreements and commitments.

  • Agility

    We are anticipating change.

    We are forward thinking and open to the world, and align and act together quickly when our environment changes.

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    We consider sustainability as the basic principle of our actions.

    We work for future generations and encourage others, business partners and collaborators, to do the same.

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