On Wednesday, May 15, NMC participated for the first time at the Construction Fair for the sales staff of the retail company Sodimac, where NMC Chile won the Best Supplier award.

In this event other companies of international stature were also presented, where NMC Chile was able to excel for the way of showing its decorative solutions, and how easy it was to use, all salespeople were able to perform cutting, installing and painting mouldings, being amazed by the ease and versatility of our mouldings.

Sodimac is part of SACI Falabella, one of the main retail conglomerates in Latin America and the largest company in Chile. It has 251 stores in Latin America that it annual sales are over €5400 million in region.

Sodimac is the leading customer for NMC Chile, it’s an important customer since they have been commercial allies for a very long time.

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